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⚽️ Ball games

Ball play provides many developmental opportunities for children, which include gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness. Children will get to master gross motor skills like throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing from playing with different kinds of ball games. Through such play, children also develop social skills with their peers and teachers. Hence, we have introduced the topic of ball games in the past week.

The toddlers were learning about soccer ball, and they have created one to practise their own balancing and coordination skills. At the beginning, children were walking into the ball to move it. After a few tries, they began to kick the ball with one leg. It was a good way to train their coordination skills.

The older children were making mini foosball game, through the use of recycle materials. They had so much fun working on their fine motor skills, as they put the materials together.

The preschoolers were also involved in the making of a bowling lane for their game. From bowling ball to the lane, our children have worked cooperatively in putting every part of the game together.

Through the action of aiming and throwing, our children have the opportunity to develop eye tracking skills and using their hands to execute the task.

It was a great way to get our children moving and actively engaged through the introduction of ball games. Stay tuned!

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