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🦆 Birds

Birds are amazing creatures that seem to be just about everywhere. We can hear their cheerful chirping sounds in the morning and children find joy in making connections with them. For this week, our children learn about the nesting habits, similarities and differences among different species of birds.

Let's dive in to see what our children have been learning from the past week.

Our toddlers have created "Birds on Tree" mural as a recap of what they have learnt.

Some of the children had the opportunity to create a colourful parrot craft.

They also tried to make a 3D bird nest as they discussed about the nesting habits of these creatures.

The older children were tasked to paint pictures of birds, using different materials & painting techniques of their choice. The children were able to complete the tasks well, based on their newly gained knowledge.

It has been a fruitful week for our children. Have a good weekend!

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