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🍭 Children's Day & Deepavali Celebrations

Here's a recap to the celebrations that we had in October 2022. Earlier on, the children celebrated Children's Day at school. Based on their interest, the teachers have planned a series of fun activities for them to immersed in. Let us take a look at their celebrations.

The children were all dressed up in their favourite pyjamas, and had so much fun playing with their friends and teachers.

The children were also given coinboxes, as their Children's Day gift from school.

Last week, children were also given the opportunity to celebrate "Deepavali" in school. Deepavali is one of the major cultural festivals in Singapore, which marks the triumph of good over evil.

By taking part in such celebration, children have increased awareness of the various cultural festivals in Singapore and the unique practices among us.

Stay tuned for our next adventure! Have a good weekend.

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