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✈️ Famous People (2)

Last week, the children continued to seek more inspiration from other famous people around the world, learning about their remarkable work and their resilience. Let's take a gallery walk to see what the children have been working on.

The toddlers were learning about Neil Armstrong as the first man who walked on the moon. The teacher prepared pieces of aluminum foils for them to explore with, before dripping paint over to create image of the moon.

The younger children were finding out more about the author of their favourite story, entitled "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". They were awed to see the picture of Eric Carle. Children recalled and discussed about the sequence of events in that story, before creating a 3-D caterpillar model.

As for the older children, they were engrossed with the discussion of Wright brothers and their first model of airplane. They collected cardboards and were inspired to create their own plane as a class. The children worked cooperatively and had fun flying around the classroom with their little plane.

It has been a fun-filled week! Looking forward to the next adventure. Stay safe.

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