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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

For this week, we have extended on the children’s learning, by introducing the topic of “Outer space”. Besides reinforcing on what they have already learnt about Solar System, the children started to explore on the other objects found in outer space. They learnt about the different type of satellites, rockets, spaceships and even the way that astronauts live in outer space during their exploration.

Let’s take a look at their progress over the past week.

The little toddlers were having fun with their pretend play of being astronauts in class. They even did a collage of astronauts with their peers.

The older children were working on their rocket models, using recycled materials found in class. They also recapped on the features and functions of rocket, and drew them out on the given construction papers.

The children have also painted a picture of sunset, as a representation of how they view the sun from our earth. They also get to explore different techniques of creating art, through the use of water colours.

In addition, we have also started off our holiday programme for the children. Here are some snippets of the activities that were carried out.

As we are approaching the month of Christmas, some children are learning about the festival, Artic habitat and snowman. To integrate the learning on this topic, the younger children also revised their number concept by counting to 5 with snow counters.

Fast food has always been a topic that children enjoy learning about. Hence, we have tapped on their interest and introduced what fast food are and how we should always choose healthy food over them.

To instill a little fun in our lessons, the children were engaged in the making of Mc Donald logo, giant burger, fries and pizza models. They have lots of fun playing with these props at their dramatic corner.

Hope you had a wonderful week like how our children did. Stay tuned!

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