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๐Ÿ› Jun'22 Holiday - Week 1

We have started our June holiday programme for this week!

Prior to the start of this holiday, teachers have gathered the topics of interest from our little ones. Based on their preference, the teachers have planned a series of fun filled activities for them to explore on.

Let's tag along to their little adventures.

For this week, the younger children wanted to learn more about caterpillars, as an extension from the previous topic of "Insects & Creepy crawlies". They were very fascinated over the life cycle of butterflies, and wondered how the caterpillars could transform so beautifully as they grow. At the end of the week, they decided to create caterpillar models using egg cartons.

Our children love birthday songs and cakes ๐Ÿฐ. Hence, some children decided to explore a little more about the different types of birthday cakes available in the bakery shops. As for their project work, they decided to make an enormous birthday cake model for everyone in school.

As the 'Dragon Boat Festival' also falls on this week, we did some cultural activities too. The story of "Qu Yuan" and origin of dragon boat were also shared with our children. They went on to make dumpling crafts to commemorate this day.

We hope you enjoyed having dumplings too! Stay tuned.

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