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🚙 Land & Water Transportation ⛔

For this week, we have zoomed into the topics of land & water transportation for our children. Different modes of transportation have always been the centre of great interest for many young children. Many of the little ones have prior knowledge about this subject and they were very excited to share their personal experiences with their teachers and friends.

These topics are a part of their daily lives. As the children are curious about the world they live in, learning about transportation will definitely make meaning of their world. Let us take a look at what our children have been learning this week.

Our toddlers were immersed in the creation of their boat model in class. Upon completion, they were happily rowing their little boat, along to the tune of "row row row your boat" nursery rhyme!

Besides that, the children were also engaged in the making of a 3D boat using recycling materials. They had so much creating boats of their choices.

To recap on their learning, the children have also created a boat collage together as a class.

The older children were involved in the creation of a multi-storey carpark for their land transportations as well. They had a wonderful time constructing an ideal carpark model, based on their observation and discussions.

It has been a fruitful learning week for all of us. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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