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๐ŸŽ€ March Holiday 2022

We have come to our March holiday programme of the year. For this week, our teachers have planned a series of fun and exciting activities for our children, based on the interest gathered from them.

The week started with an introduction of a Chinese tale, entitled "A Little Horse Crosses A River", which encouraged independent thinking and overcoming of challenges in children. As an extension to their learning, the children were engaged in the making of crafts related to horse.

The older children did a recap of the story, by making their own picture book about it.

Besides Chinese tale, the children also had the opportunity to learn about the different parts of a storybook. They were also given the experience to illustrate their own book.

The younger children were having a great time role-playing as the various community helpers.

Some of the children were learning about different parts of a sunflower, while others were more keen to learn about aquarium life.

It has been a wonderful week for all of us. Stay safe!

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