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🦷 My Body & Feelings

As our children gained more awareness of themselves, we have decided to extend on their learning by introducing the topics of body functions and feelings.

Through the activities conducted, the children have a better understanding of how their body works. They were given the opportunities to learn more about self care, which inspired them to be more responsible for taking care of their own bodies. The children also learnt to identify and express their feelings appropriately, which helped them in managing their emotions and behaviour better.

Here are some snippets of their learning for this week.

The older children were learning about the skeletal system in our body. Besides supporting our body weight, the children also learnt that the skeleton helps in protecting our soft organs and allows movement in our body. They created a skeleton model with the materials found in class.

The children were amazed by the function of our digestive system too. They have gained a better concept of how the food was broken down into nutrients by going through the digestive system in our body.

The younger children were engaged in activities that helped them to identify and express their feelings. They have created hand puppets with different facial expressions.

The older children had also created a collage of different emotions. They had lots of fun discussing about the different facial expression during their project work.

We had so much fun learning about ourselves. Hope you are feeling great too! Stay tuned.

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