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๐Ÿช My Neighbourhood & Singapore

A child's development involves the interaction of the child and his/her immediate environment. For this week, we have extended the children's learning by looking at the interaction of larger environment, such as their neighbourhood and Singapore.

The toddlers have been working really hard this week, to set up their supermarket dramatic corner at school. They decorated banner for their little stall and assembled all the stock for their business.

They had a wonderful time, role playing as cashier and customers. The children played cooperatively with one another, and demonstrated the ability to be kind to their friends during play.

The older children were more fascinated with map activities of their neighbourhood. They learnt to describe the features of buildings in the neighbourhood and expressed them through their drawings.

Besides, they also created a map of the neighbourhood around their school. Using coloured papers and pictures, the children put up different representation of places around the preschool.

As the children learnt to identify the places around the neighbourhood, they begin to explore the different places of interest in Singapore too. The teachers seized this teachable moment to introduce the topic of My Singapore.

Our younger children were learning about the iconic symbol of Singapore. They were very curious about the Merlion statue and enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they did a painting of it.

On the other hand, our older children were involved in the painting of Singapore that highlights different places of interest locally. During the process, the children shared with their peers and teachers of their personal experience of visiting those places.

After so much of learning, it is time to relax. Let's hop towards a colourful weekend! Have a blessed day ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰

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