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đŸ« My School & Friends

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Preschool is a place where children grow and develop at their own pace, through open-ended and structured play activities. Children start to build relationships with their peers in school.

Friendship is important at this stage of development, as children learn about the 'give and take' relationship. It allows children to practise skills, like sharing and turn-taking, that meet the social needs of others and their own. The children will be engaged in group activities, where they begin to understand how others feel.

Besides learning more about the school, we have introduced the topic of "My friends" to our children. Through a series of fun-filled games, the children were given the opportunities to establish friendship by playing together. Let us take a look at what the children have been doing.

By using recycled cardboards, teachers have created many interesting games for the children to play. It include cardboard rings for children to crawl in it for their gross motor skill development.

The children were also engaged in creating their own DIY foosball game. They were very patient when working on it. The children showed a lot of excitement while waiting to play the game.

The children also created a collage of friendship, using different types of colour papers.

Our children also discussed and shared their thoughts about being a good friend. It was a good way to practice their penmanship, while they expressed their thoughts,

It has been a wonderful week for all of us. Keep safe and mask-on at all times!

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