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๐Ÿš’ Occupational Vehicles

We have extended our children's learning on the topic of community helpers, by introducing some relevant occupational vehicles to them. Besides learning about the different features and functions of various vehicles, the children also learnt about some of the emergency helplines to call during unforeseen circumstances.

Let us take a look at what our children have been learning.

The younger children were learning about their favourite school buses and cars on the road. They have created a bus model for their pretend play, with the help of their teachers.

They have also made stick puppets to imitate movement of cars on the road.

The older children were making their fire engine models with great enthusiasm. They also had lots of fun imagining themselves as fire fighters in school.

Besides, our children also had the opportunity to create garbage truck. They learnt to appreciate the hard work of our cleanup crews, who provide us with a clean environment to live in.

It was an enjoyable week for our children, as they constructed different models of occupational vehicles. We hope you have a great week too!

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