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๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€โš•๏ธ Our community helpers

Community helpers are the people who keep our community functioning well. They provide us with services and goods. As they work together to make our community a better place, our children should have an understanding of how their duties are like. Let's take a look at what our children have learnt this week.

The toddlers have set up a bakery dramatic corner and created their own choices of cake for play. They used many different types of art materials and sponges for this activity. The children had so much fun making the cakes that they like.

They also took turns to pretend play as baker and customer.

The older children were learning about the duties of hairdresser and barbers. They were engaged in the making of a model with their preferred hairstyle.

For a better understanding, the children also had opportunities to pretend play as doctor and patient. They explored different tools that doctors often used, such as stethoscope and syringes. Based on their observation during visits to the clinic, they were able to demonstrate the use of doctor's tools accurately.

Besides, the children also talk about the services at Petrol station. They have created a model of petrol pump.

The week ended with a board filled with appreciation notes from our children. As they discussed more on the topic, our children began to appreciate the things that community helpers do for us. Without them, we might not be able to enjoy the services, security and conveniences in our community.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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