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๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป Physical Fitness

Physical fitness promotes healthy growth and development of children. Through their involvement in physical activities, children can develop motor skills and different components of fitness such as flexibility, coordination and agility. Besides, physical activities also promote concentration and thinking skills.

Let's zoom in to what the children have been exploring for this week.

Our toddlers were having so much fun with their ribbon dance. They enjoyed waving and swaying the streamers all around. They had fun dancing away with their peers.

The little ones also enjoyed themselves through the creation of playdough soccer ball, which worked on their fine motor skills.

In addition, our children have also created a cute bunny target board to practise their throwing skill.

As for the older age group, children were engaged in the making of a sticky hula hoop web for their over-arm throwing game. They used a variety of stamping tools to decorate their web and created a wooly ball for the game. There were so much excitement as the children take turns to participate in their game.

As we touched on the topic of physical fitness, the teachers have also shared about different types of sports and equipment. The children learnt about weightlifting and had the opportunity to create their very own dumbbells.

There were so much laughter in the class as the children pretended to lift up their dumbbells like weightlifting champions!

The children have also created mini hurdles to practise their leaping and jumping skills, using recycled materials.

The fun didn't end with the creation of mini-hurdles, but further extended with the making of ring-toss giraffe box. Upon completion, they had a friendly match against each other to see which team had the most number of rings tossed on the giraffe.

That concluded our active learning for this week! Have a great weekend ahead ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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