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🎡 Places of Interest (1)

Our children were learning about different places of interest around the world in the past week. These places of interest contain famous landmarks that people around the world would visit during their vacation or field trips.

Through the introduction of various landmarks, children were able to make better connections with the knowledge that they have gained previously on different countries across the world.

Let's take a look on what the children have been up to for the previous week.

The toddlers were learning about the London bridge in England. They created a collage of it , using a variety of materials. Upon completion, the children sang the nursery rhyme of "London Bridge is falling down" together.

The children also had the opportunity to discuss about Singapore Flyer. Many children shared about their prior experience about it. They had seen it when they travelled on the bus. The children gathered and constructed a model of it together.

The older children were more fascinated over "Great Wall of China". They shared about how long the landmark was and discussed about how it might have been built. They had a great sharing session, before building their own 3D model of it.

We had a great time exploring on the different landmarks around the world. Stay tune for more adventures!

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