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🌈Racial Harmony Day 2022

We have commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 21 July. On this day, children learnt about the importance of fostering racial and religious harmony in our Singapore's multi-ethnic society.

Children were encouraged to dress up in traditional outfits for this celebration. We had a show-and-tell session, where children shared about the costumes that they were wearing. The teachers assisted to elaborate more on their costumes.

Children were also being introduced to traditional food from different racial groups. They were able to identify their favourite food from the display, and even shared about their personal experiences of tasting them.

Besides that, children were also given the opportunities to try different traditional games, like chapteh, batu Seremban (five stones) and bubble-like balloon.

These activities expose our children to different cultural practices of communities other than their own. Learning more about other traditions and cultures allow our children to appreciate and respect all races in Singapore.

As we are anticipating for our nation's 57th birthday, our centres have gradually put up the decorations for this upcoming celebration.

We had a really enjoyable week. Stay tuned!

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