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☀️ Weather

Weather changes frequently and affects our daily lives. Making observations and discussing about climate are fascinating ways of engaging our children. They find it easy to relate with, and enjoy sharing about it with their peers.

As weather is observable and measurable, it is a perfect topic to introduce science and develop process skills that are necessary for their future learning. The children were given opportunities to record, make graphs and predict the weather trends. They also talked about being alert of bad weather like thunderstorm, knowing what to do if natural disaster occurs and how they can stay safe from such phenomenon.

Let us take a look at some of our children's work for this week.

The toddlers were working on their thunderstorm project. They were busy with the painting and pasting of thunder bolts over their master piece, to demonstrate their understanding of a stormy weather.

Our children also created their very own weather puppets for show-and-tell session, which they enjoyed moving and playing with it. They used these puppets as props when they sang along to nursery songs related to weather.

After making observations about the different weather, our older children created a weather chart as a class. They took turns to update this chart, as displayed in their classroom. Children were informed about the change in weather during different time of the day.

We always believe that children's learning can be better facilitated through purposeful play. Hence, we have strong emphasis on learning experiences beyond classrooms.

For this week, some of our children have visited the cloud forest dome at Garden's By The Bay. They had close up experience with the man made waterfall and exploring the different types of plants during their visit.

The other children went on a "Prata" journey, to discover how our favourite local delight was being made.

They had so much fun in making their own pratas and catching the tossed dough in the air. We had a fabulous week. See you around!

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