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Class Activities

Our class activities provide the children with a holistic learning environment that
develops critical thinking, social maturity & motor skills.
Circle Time

The class starts the day together by singing songs, discussing the weather, days of the week, months of the year and more!

Cookery & Science Activities

The children enjoy basic cooking lessons and science experiments in a safe environment that help them widen their horizons and understand the world around them better.

Topic of the Day

Children share their knowledge and experiences during Show and Tell, discussing topics of interest & engaging in related activities.

Music & Movement

The children participate in fun exercises that incorporate and explore different genres of music. Learning about simple music instruments help children understand and appreciate music, while dancing and movements help develop their motor skills.

Arts & Craft

The class engages in fun exercises that develop fine motor skills, incorporate thematic elements of literacy or numeracy and allow the children to express, interact with one another, and develop an appreciation for the creative process.

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Gross Motor Development

The children develop fine and gross motor skills through different sports and games that help to build on their physical fitness, agility and body coordination.

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